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Kate Garraway admits she makes herself have sex every single day and has a spreadsheet  RSVP Live

She revealed they even have a spreadsheet to keep track.

myLAB Box Promotes STD Awareness Month with "Safe is Sexy" Health Tips  Virtual-Strategy Magazine

All STDs can be managed, but they can't be managed until they are diagnosed. And the first step to detection is regular testing. That is why during STD.

Hate giving oral sex? Try these expert tips  Health24

Women require creativity when it comes to, well, coming: Research shows that only 30% of females can orgasm through penetration alone, which means you ...

Cop Allegedly Caught On Body Cam Performing Oral Sex On Boss  Gothamist

The NYPD is investigating two Brooklyn police officers for allegedly having sex in a patrol car, after the cops managed to inadvertently record their raunchy ...

Your Sex Questions, Answered By Our No-Nonsense Expert  Refinery29

Dami Oloni's best advice on big penises, better orgasms from penetration, what to do when your partner can't keep hard and preventing UTIs.

Qena's Dendera Temple Complex to be Turned into Open Air Museum  CairoScene

Egypt's Ministry of Antiquities has announced plans to transform the Dendera Temple complex in Qena into an open-air museum, according to a statement ...

2018 albums of the year: Toronto's Meg Remy, alias U.S. Girls, leads the way

U.S. Girls made our music critic's favourite album of the year, In A Poem Unlimited — full of pop and pique. But there was much more.