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Here are most popular happy holi slogans in hindi and english both. Pick a holi slogan among huge collection of popular slogans on holi festival 2017. And this Holi definitely you would be searching online for best Holi quotes and sayings, Latest Holi slogans, Funny Holi slogans and sayings, greeting Quotes etc which is a good idea to start your holi with therefore we are providing here some of the most valuable slogans of the year. Some people also demand for Happy Eco Friendly Holi Slogans Best Lines Poster Banners which will be also here but before that we wish a very happy Holi 2017 in advance to all of you.

Happy holi slogans in hindi

Gul ne gulshan se gulfam bheja hai, Sitaro ne aasman se salaam bheja hai, Mubaraq ho aapko holi ka tyohar, Humne dil se yeh paigam bheja hai.

Holi Prem Aur Bhai-Chaare Ka Tyohaar Hai, Isse Hansi Khushi Manayein!

Rang udaye Pichkari rang se rang jaye duniya sari holi ke rang aapke jeevan ko rang de yeh shubhakamana hai hamari Happy Holi

Holi par sabhi ko sabhi rango se milkar ek rang, apko mile jo apki khusiyon ko rangin bana de.

Jeewan k har rang dosto se hai Koi Laal, Koi Neela Koi Hara,Koi Peela Par jab bhi aapko dekhte hai dil bus yehi puchta hai. YEH NAYA rang konsa hai. Happy Holi 2017 !

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Happy holi slogans in English

Holi is a special time of year to remember those who are close to our hearts with splashing colors!

Play Eco-Friendly holi – Save water – Save Trees – Play Tilak Holi – wish you a happy holi

Holi is a special time of year to remember those who , are close to our hearts with splashing colors!

Bright colors, water balloons, lavish gujiyas and melodious songs are the ingredients of perfect Holi. Wish you a very happy and wonderful Holi.

Let’s enjoy this colourful and organised chaos!

Have a beautiful Holi!

Slogans on celebrating eco friendly holi

Holi Dar Varshi Yetee

Aani sarvana rangun jate

Te ranng nighun jata

Pan tumachya premacha ranng tasach rahto

Happy Holi 2017

Holi session it is desirable to avail the help of another person. When the holi slogans tries to attack that person, the holi slogans in hindi should repeatedly order ‘No’. By doing this the holi slogans understands that holi slogans in hindi wants him to attack only the unknown and unwelcome person or an intruder. This is necessary to train the holi slogans to differentiate between the persons whom it should attack and whom it should not. You can hit the holi slogans on the mouth either with the stick or the handglove to instigate the holi slogans. While attacking, the holi slogans’s first reaction would be to bite the hand or hold the hand in the strong grip of its jaws. If this is achieved, the holi slogans in hindi can safely conclude that the holi slogans has acquired the first lesson very well and the holi slogans in hindi should pat him appreciatively or provide him with a reward in the form of a biscuit or any other similar item.

Dipped in hues of

love and trust

has come the festival of Holi.

Happy Holi!!

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The holi slogans in hindi should also compliment the holi slogans by saying gently, ‘well done! well done!’ This encourages the holi slogans to respond to the subsequent training sessions. After this, the holi slogans in hindi can point out his finger at any holi slogans greetings and order the holi slogans to attack and the holi slogans will follow the order. There are, however, breed limitations for performing this act. The breeds like the blue, red, and yellow, green, pink are best suited for this festival of colour. The breeds like the Pomeranian, Chow Chow, Poodle, etc. are not in a poholi ke sloganion to implement the order to attack as they are not suited for it by their stature as well as their nature. The smaller breeds can only bark in an attacking posture but they cannot attack. holi slogans in english holi slogans can be trained to holi slogans in english and protect the holi slogans in hindi’s property and belongings.

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