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Moments later she opened my bedroom door and found us asleep. As I woke up, I noticed that she was holding one of my girlfriend's London escorts business cards in her hand. The look on her face was something, I am not even that I could describe it. Before I knew it, she was shouting for me to get that whore out of my bed. My girlfriend was completely taken back. I realised that my mon thought that I was into dating London escorts.

Does my girlfriend look like most London escorts? I hastily explained that I was not into dating London escorts. Sure, my girlfriend worked for a London escorts agency but that did not really make her a bad girl. My mom was not having any of it. She kept on shouting that she wanted my girlfriend to leave. I tried to do the best that I can but my girlfriend ended up getting dressed in a hurry and left my flat without saying a word.

All that was left was her London escorts business cards on my table. By this point, my mom was crying. She said that she had come up to London to do some shopping and perhaps take me to lunch. She normally comes up every so often but she does call in advance. For some reason, she had decided not to do so. If she had called, we would not have found ourselves in this situation that we are in now. Yes, I can understand that it is upsetting for my mom, but it is upsetting for me as well. Although my girlfriend works for a London escorts, I still love her.

When I first met my girlfriend I did not have a clue that she worked for a London escorts. It was not until the second date that she explained that she had been escorting for a living since she was 19 years old. Let me tell you that she has done well for herself. She has her own flat and car. I know that working for London escorts is perhaps not a dream job, but I respect her for what she does and has achieved. She had guts to tell me that she was an escort. But, my mom can't she any of this. She has told me to break up with her or she does not want me to come back home ever again. The question is – should I forego my mom's delicious Sunday dinners for my London escort girlfriend? That is not an easy decision to make.