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Top Holi Songs | Download Bollywood- Bhojpuri Holi Mp3 Songs List

Holi festival is an occasion of enjoyment and celebration, people dance and listen to best holi songs. It brings gaiety and mirth thereby strengthening our bond of relationship and friendship. These festivals also promote social interaction and harmony. All nations have their religious and colourful festivals. However, Indian festivals are known to attract the world due to their harmony, variety, colour and excitement. All over india there is national holiday in all school, colleges, institutes, offices and other public and private places. whole country get wet in the water of colours. We also play loud songs to get full enjoyment and stressout. There  comes different types of local and national sound tracks and other desi songs which people and children enjoy all together.

Download Holi Super Hit Songs DJ Mix 2017

In-spite of very vast land region in india, indian share some of the most common and exciting religion and festivals. People love to dance, celebrate and i must say that indians are mad about their songs especially all favorite holi songs that are played on loud speakers during the festival of colours “HOLI”. This year also many people will download and enjoy some of their favorite tracks on speakers and will take the opportunity to dance and sing on the holi eve 2017.


Every state in india have different kind of people therefore their taste of songs also differs little bit. Some like english songs, some like bollywood holi songs, some likes holi DJ songs and many of common people like us love to hear our local songs that is local holi traditional songs. Which are liked by many people living in the society and they love to recall their ancestors holi by hearing their local traditional holi songs.

In bihar Bhojpuri Holi Mp3 Songs are very much popular and liked by everyone in any city of the bihar state. These songs have different energy in them and changes our mood in few seconds. Some people say that these songs are not appropriate for the society but let me tell you that this is our tradition and we are not going to change it on the order of anyone else. Yes it is other topic that few singers in bihar are singing vulgar holi songs for quick money but , our bihar government should take responsibility to remove or ban those songs not all Bhojpuri Holi Mp3 Songs.

Here are few top bhojpuri holi mp3 songs that you will definitely like:-

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  • Aail Holi Ke Bahar (2016) Akash Mishra
  • Holi Me Boli (2016) Bablu Sanwariya
  • Satrangi Colour (2016) Pawan Singh
  • Lalka Rang (2016) Ritesh Pandey
  • Penawe Banal Pichakari (2016) Mohan Rathore
  • Fagun Ka Mahina (2016) Rinku Ojha
  • Bina Cover Ke Pichkari (2016) Sona Singh
  • Rang Barse (2016) Sanjana Raj
  • Devra Ke Fichukari (2016) Sunny Kumar Saniya
  • Chadhal Ba Fagun (2016) Ankush Raja
  • Lasar Fasar Holi Me (2016) Arvind Akela , Nisha Du
  • Holi Me Aa Ja Ae Raja (2016) Khushboo Uttam
  • Khelab Abeer (2016) Rakesh Mishra
  • Happy Holi (2016) Anu Dubey
  • Aai Na Lagali (2016) Khesari Lal Yadav
  • Rang Hariyaraka (2016) Pushpa Rana
  • Aail Holiya Raja Ji (2016) Poonam Pandey
  • Garam Pichkari (2016) Alam Raj, Khushboo Uttam
  • Jija Ji Ke Holi (2016) Mamta Raut
  • Holi Advance Snnniya (2011) : Holi Album Mp3
  • Ready Baa Pichkari (2010) : Holi Album Mp3
  • Janta Ke Holi – Kalpna : Holi Album Mp3
  • Aail Mausam Fagun Ke (2007) Pawan Singh : Holi Album Mp3
  • Holi Express : Sakal Balamuwa (2010) : Holi Album Mp3
  • Khderan Ke Holi -Manoj Tiwari : Holi Album Mp3
  • Intarnet Holi – Manoj Tiwari : Holi Album Mp3
  • Laundabaaj Holi : Guddu Rangila : Holi Album Mp3 Song
  • Dabang Dehati Holi (2012) Khesarilal : Holi Album Mp3
  • Maalamaal Holi (2011) Khesarilal : Holi Album Mp3
  • Darti Pichkari (2012) Khesarilal : Holi Album Mp3

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Playing holi songs on the day of holi will never go out of fashion as everyone likes it. The most important thing that we all must know that bhojpuri songs are from bihar and everyone love to play this. Hollywood holi songs are also liked in many parts of country and we are all glad that we all enjoy our tradition so much that we drink, eat and enjoy with dance and music.

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Being multi lingual and multi racial country Indians celebrates a number of festivals all through the year. In India every country has its own festivals. Thus we can divide the festivals into three categories—national or political, religious and seasonal. Indian festivals have their origin either in religion or in the myths and legends of popular faith. They are celebrated to commorant those days and personalities who inspire people. These are the festivals which punctuate the seasons of the year. National festivals like Republic Day, Independence Day, Gandhi Jayanti and others are celebrated with great patriotic fervour. Now-a-days they have been declared National Holidays, and are celebrated in all parts of the country and in the state capital with a lot of enthusiasm. The capital Delhi is the sea of national celebrations on all occasions. One of the most majestic parades are held on Republic Day.

School children apart from the Armed Forces, also participate in the parade. On Independence Day, India’s Prime Minister unfurl tricolour flag and address the nation from the ramparts of the historic Red Fort. Religious festivals and ceremonies are as varied as the people, their customs beliefs and faith. The Hindus, the Muslims, the Christians, the Sikhs all have a large number of festivals in the course of the year. Holi, Dussehra, Diwali, Janamashtmi, Idul-Fitar, Rakshabandhan, Christmas are some of the well known Indian festivals. In Northern India, Dussehra is observed as Vijaya Dashmi celebrating Victory of good over evil, of Rama over Ravana. In Bengal, the occassion is celebrated as Durga Puja. This festival is celebrated with gaiety and lasts for five days. Diwali is the most prominent of the Hindu festivals; it is the festival of light. The Hindus celebrate this day to commemorate the return of Lord Rama Io Ayodhya after winning the decisive war against the evil forces of Ravana.

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